100 yen tachinomi 京の立ち飲み酒場 百 Claimed

Combining value and quality

Kyoto English speaking standing bar.

Tachinomi is a standing bar in Japan and the 100 yen is simple and great value. The 100 tachinomi is owned by a farmer whose main business is Japanese bento boxes. They use the same ingredients from the bento boxes in the tachinomi food.

A simplistic interior that has a complete open front looking onto Nishiki street from Spring to Autumn.

Drinks start at 100 yen for a small glass but a standard drink is 300 yen (still great value) and they have a loyalty card which will give you a 15% discount so you can’t go wrong. They also have a good selection of Japanese sake that regularly changes.

The food is all 100 yen using local Kyoto rice and vegetables. They have a certificate of commendation from Kyoto city which shows their commitment to good, fresh Kyoto ingredients. There is a wide range of food that change depending on the season with Oden in winter.

Full bentos can be bought from 12pm until they run out-generally around 3/4pm. The tachinomi itself opens at 3pm weekdays and 12 on weekends and holidays.

A conveniently located store well worth popping into.


3 Key points from the store:

* 100 yen food

* Open to the street

* 15% discount loyalty card