Matching the best Japanese beers with speciality dishes

Kyoto BEER PUB Takumiya: Toursist Friendly Craft beer bar.

A craft beer pub store specializing in domestic beer ordered from over 300 craft beer manufacturers in Japan. The inside of the bar is reminiscent of a foreign pub, where you can enjoy drinking and talking with the people sitting next to you making a fun, lively atmosphere.

The interior is spacious but Beerpub Takumiya is popular with Japanese and non-Japanese so it gets crowded on busy nights.

Their main sales points are that their craft beers are all Japan domestic beers and their staff are very knowledgeable about their different breweries and beers. There will be a good range of beers available that regularly changes and they are well-connected with the breweries so they can offer seasonal and new brew beers.

The food menu is creative and locally sourced. There are both Japanese and Western dishes that go well with beer, and no matter which one you eat, you’ll be satisfied. You can enjoy many original dishes such as `Hamo fish and chips’ and `Tango wild boar meat shumai with homemade blueberry ponzu sauce.


3 Key points from the store:

* Regularly rotates Craft beers on tap

* Original food dishes

* Busy, lively atmosphere later on