Daniels (main store) Kyoto Claimed

Make your life richer and more attractive through attractive food.

Daniel’s Kyoto: Foreign friendly restaurant.

An Italian restaurant specialising in Italian food with their prize product being their pasta.

Since its founding, Daniel’s has been committed to fresh pasta. Their fresh pasta has a chewy texture, created through repeated research and is handmade in the store every day. The major features of Daniels’ fresh pasta is the unusual use of eggs and it is this that gives their pasta a special, addictive chewy texture.

Daniel’s store in down a cobblestone pavement and the streetlights make it feel like a street corner in Italy. When you go up the stairs, it’s like a street corner in Italy! It’s a cute store with a streetlight that stands out against the stone pavement. There is an immersive open kitchen in the back, where you can enjoy delicious aromas and catch a glimpse of the chef’s cooking. There is also a private room for banquets on another floor.

Daniels’ vegetables are freshly harvested in the morning in Ina, Nagano Prefecture. The vegetables are purchased directly, without going through the market, to allow you to enjoy the fresh power of the vegetables.

At Daniel’s, they are not limited to Italian wines, but carefully select delicious wines from all over the world, starting at affordable prices.


3 Key points from the store:

* Special pasta preparation

* Open kitchen

* Attentive, friendly staff