Daniels Momoya Kyoto Claimed

Cheers with wine and skewer

Daniels Momoya Kyoto: Foreign friendly restaurant.

In order to provide customers with attractive food, service, space, and time, Daniels strives to improve in cooking and service, and live with a desire every day.

Momya is a lively store and the atmosphere is bright and welcoming. Their specialty is skewered food-Kushaige.

Momoya’s signature deep-fried skewers are made with made with carefully selected skewered ingredients and specially formulated vegetable oil for a crispy and light texture that goes well with wine. Their carefully selected ingredients include Nishikifu Yoshi’s raw wheat gluten, seasonal delicious foods, and tamagoyaki from a sushi restaurant.

Recommended seasonal skewers are on offer, depending on the season and ingredients available. A 5-piece course is 1,080 yen and 8-piece course 1,580 yen. They will fry them fresh and in the order you choose.

Momoya has a good selection of drinks and includes imported wine, they will also “secretly” serve you the sake that our chef who has a Japanese sake fetish has secretly hidden away!


3 Key points from the store:

* Kushaige specialists

* Wide selection of sake and drinks

* Attentive, friendly staff