Dig the line bottle and bar Claimed

Connecting Craft

Kyoto Dig the line bottle and bar: English speaking Craft beer bar.

The owners chose Kyoto and Tokyo and refurnished old buildings into modern style bars with the aim of attracting customers who can enjoy both sake and craft beer in a casual environment and create ties that bring together the people of the world. With the very stylish upmarket feel to this bar providing craft beers and “help yourself” bottled beers available to browse and drink from the refrigerators; they achieve this.

They carefully select Japanese, imported beers and guest beers to give a wide range of choice. At the bar you’ll always find 8 craft beers on tap, as well as their big range of bottled beers and sake in the fridges. There is a good, simple, creative cuisine menu available to help absorb all the lovely beers you will be trying.

They also provide a Tap-to-can service, which means you can get any beer from the taps canned to bring back to your home-Very cool!


3 Key points from the store:

* Regularly rotates Craft beers on tap

* Stylish interior

* Nice outdoor seating