Steak and wine Ginjiroフレンチ酒場 銀次郎 Claimed

Perfect marriage of wine and steak

Ginjiro Kyoto  Restaurant: Foreign friendly Steak and wine restaurant.

A French bar with a homey feel specialising in good steak matched with wines. As a long-established restaurant based in Kyoto that has been operating a yakiniku restaurant for over 30 years, they have good experience in handling quality meats, sourcing good wines and offering reasonable prices.

The outside of the store is made of glass and there is room for 22 seated guests. The interior is stylish and warm with friendly, quick service staff.

They have their signature specialty dishes of loin steak and fillet steak and as the store buys the whole Wagyu beef you can eat at a reasonable price and try rare parts that are hard to find in other stores. They also offer freshly made meat sushi and meat rolls. With their knowledgeable staff they will recommend drinks that compliment your meat- a nice touch!


3 Key points from the store:

* Established reputation

* Good service

* Signature steak dishes