Sumibi to wine Kyoto Kawaramachi store Claimed

Bathe in wine

Sumibi to wine Kyoto: English speaking restaurant.

The scent of charcoal, the value of Bungo beef with unlimited wine drinking time!

They believe in better ingredients, more deliciousness, and better ways to eat them and this is the way to create a restaurant that brings smiles to guests faces.

The most important point about Sumibi to wine ‘s menu is the passion that connects the producers and creators. That is why the dishes on the menu reflect the producers’ feelings, and the chefs do their best to think about how we can express these ideas and convey them to our guests.

They source Oita Wagyu beef, which has received numerous high praises, and purchase directly from fisheries in Amakusa, Shimane, and Tottori so they are able to provide our customers with fresher and more delicious seafood dishes.

They select wines from all over the world each season and in order to allow as many customers as possible to enjoy wine, they offer unlimited bottled wine all-you-can-drink 19 types of red and white  wine with no time limit for 1,600 yen. They also they have a wide range of original drinks that are conscious of health and beauty, such as vinegar sour and homemade cold press sours and drinks made with various seasonal fruits, including “Greens” containing kale and spinach.

They want customers to enjoy not only their meals but also their precious time with each other in a comfortable and enjoyable manner.


3 Key points from the store:

* Good all you can drink wine choice

* Daily, fresh foods

* Wide range of drinks