What’s Matsusaka Beef Claimed

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Kyoto What’s Matsusaka Beef: English speaking Yakiniku restaurant.

Beef, steak, beef, beef steak!! Their slogan says it all, they focus on one main product, and they do it well. This is a yakiniku/meat sushi restaurant of the highest level.

A relatively new store which has gained a good reputation in Kyoto.  Their specialty Matsusaka Beef and such quality beef can be offered at a reasonable price because they buy the whole cow directly from the  farms.

When you step into the Japanese machiya you are greeted by a long floor typical of a Kyoto townhouse; there are scratches on the pillars and the traditional ceiling the space gives a sense of history that can only be found in a Kyoto renovated townhouse. Maintaining this atmosphere, there are a variety of seating types, including pure Japanese-style private rooms that can accommodate 2 or more people, and private rooms that overlook the seasonal courtyard from the window.

As for the food, you can enjoy a higher-grade of Kobe, Omi and Matsusaka beef which you cook yourself-yakiniku style. They buy their whole Matsusaka beef fattened at the famous “Matsusaka Beef Village Ocean Farm”,  offer a chance to try a wide selection of rare parts that you will not usually get to taste and source their seasonal vegetables from local Kyoto farmers.

The staff are patient, polite, the service is quick and efficient.

 Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and have a great time with Matsusaka beef in a traditional Kyoto machiya.


3 Key points from the store:

* Beautiful interior

* Special cuts of beef

* Seasonal vegetables and ingredients