Yebisu bar Kyoto: Foreign friendly bar/restaurant.

A wide variety of Yebisu beers and a variety of enchanting special beer cocktails.

Conveniently located very close to Kyoto station north side, the store is based on the brand colour of red. The walls are made of Ajiro net and the counter is made of white wood, expressing Japanese tradition and providing a comfortable space to enjoy beer, food, and space. There is indoor seating and an outdoor terrace seating where smoking is allowed.

A total of 8 items, 8 standard items and 2 items exclusive to the Kyoto store are available with 10 types of YEBISUBAR special beer cocktails, all matched to go with their foods prepared with seasonal ingredients.

Yebisu bar has an impressive lineup. Through trial and error, they have prepared a colourful lineup with each flavour drink carefully matching a variety of dishes. They are a store that is particular about their beer and there are various combinations of Yebisu and food that go well together so please try to find the perfect marriage, where the Yebisu and food complement each other’s tastes to create a luxurious relationship.

They also have a very reasonable all you drink + set courses starting from 4,000 yen


3 Key points from the store:

* Unique Yebisu beer cocktails

* Convenient location

* Pair  food and drinks